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A bride price in Nigeria is one of the most crucial parts of the wedding ceremony. In many traditional African weddings, there are certain ethnic groups from the bride’s side that view the wedding as a means of making money. They are known to charge a certain amount of money to the families of the groom and bride. In this article, will look at the top ten areas that offers the lowest bride price in Nigeria. Looking for a Nigeria bride today?









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This is a system that was implemented in Nigeria during the colonial period and remains to be an unfair advantage for some Nigerians. The dowry system is when the family of the bride decides to get married off instead of the groom.

This Tradition Goes Back Hundreds of Years and Continues to Be Practiced in Some Communities

bride price in nigeria

The dowry system is not against the law in Nigeria, so the government doesn’t have to intervene to stop it. To still have the dowry system in place, the government will have to get the consent of the families of the bride and groom.

bride price nigeriaAnother tradition is for the bride and groom to exchange seven pairs of herrings for the marriage contract. This is considered to be the most traditional exchange of rings and is also done in other African countries like Mozambique and Swaziland.

This is a practice that has not been stopped by law in these countries because it does not violate the rights of the individual. If you wish to have a wedding in these places then the dowry system can be applied to you. In Nigeria the seven pairs of rings are the only legal ring that is allowed.

In Lagos state in Nigeria the bride price in Nigeria includes a certain amount of money and gifts from the relatives of both the bride and the groom. However, the price varies according to the community that you belong to.

The Price Starts at One Hundred and Ten Naira or About Twenty Dollars

The more affluent you are the higher your price will be. For example the price for an unmarried woman belonging to the Lagos state tribe was about two thousand naira or about four hundred dollars. The price of an unmarried woman belonging to the Ogun state tribe was about twenty-five dollars.

nigerian bride priceOn the other hand, for a woman belonging to the elite Ogun state tribe the bride price in Nigeria will be a little lower than the two thousand naira. A man who belongs to the Abuja tribe is charged about ten dollars more than a man from any other tribe. For a woman belonging to the minorityong Ewe cultural group the bride price in Nigeria is almost the same irrespective of her ethnicity.

Thus you can say that the prices charged for the brides vary according to the social and economic status of the bride. Although the bride price is an exorbitant amount the family expects good returns on its investment and will be paying back the bride price for many years.

Many Marriages in Nigeria Are Arranged by the Bride’s Family

There is an increasing demand for the bride-price to be paid for the marriage. This has been done through traditional marriage rites which are performed by imams in various parts of the country.

These traditional marriage rites are believed to bring luck and prosperity in the new life of the bride and the groom. It is believed that if the bride price in Nigeria is paid in a right manner then it can bring wealth and prosperity in life and that too without any efforts.

There Are Many Stories About the Brides and Their Families Who Pay a Bride Price in Nigeria

They do it so they can get the happy and fulfilling life they desire. There are many stories where the bride has left her family and is preparing for a new life in a different community all alone. Her family pay a bride-price and arrange for the marriage so that she can be wed with her husband.

nigeria bride priceAnother story says that the bride had left her tribe to marry an illiterate man in order to support her tribe. She had to leave her young daughter and her four daughters to live with the menfolk of that place.

To avoid tension in the marriage the bride price in Nigeria is paid by the bride’s in-laws to the groom. This payment is made to the groom’s father so that he can buy the bride from the hands of his grandaughter.

This bride price is one of the important social norms in a country like Nigeria, which has different cultures, traditions and religious rituals. It is an obligation of each Nigerians to pay the bride price in Nigeria for the marriage of their daughter to the bridegroom. This payment is made to fulfill the cultural norms of the community.

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