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Chinese brides can be your best bet when it comes to finding a foreign husband. The majority of Western men would like nothing more than to marry a beautiful Chinese girl. This is because there are many attractive Chinese women who want foreign husbands, and they are happy to get the chance to prove it by marrying a Western man. Before getting to know the advantages of having a Chinese bride, it is important that you understand what makes them so appealing to foreign men.

Chinese brides come with more benefits than can ever list in just a single post, but if you need to know exactly why they are still so popular amongst foreign men, then these five traits should provide you with an idea as to why they are so successful.

First of all, Chinese girls have always been known for their loyalty. They have been married to their first foreign husband even before they had reached 21, which means that they already have a firm grasp of foreign culture and foreign ways of life. In addition, most Chinese brides prefer to live a simple life, which is why a lot of them tend to stay at home, especially since marriage requires two people to work, which is a very common practice in China.

The Chinese Bride Price – The Real Cost Of Mail Order Brides

Finding a Chinese bride price is not as difficult as you think. In fact, there are many websites that offer brides’ prices in China. There is also a term used for this, which is guanxi (traditional), and another one is xu ye (Western). A guanxi price is usually set by family elders or family functionaries. An average Chinese bride price ranges from 30,000 to 100,000 Yuan for a pure girl, but could go higher. Reasons for the tradition range from Confucianism to maintaining social order among the Chinese.

Many women from cultures that practice arranged marriages want to be able to choose the people they wish to marry from a pool of potential candidates. When you factor in all the costs of the wedding including travel expenses, accommodations, food, florists, photographers, musicians, etc., the true cost of pursuing mail order brides weddings is closer to three figures. If the bride from China can pay that much, then most Asian brides should be able to as well. One thing that can help you get a good idea of the prices is research online.

You can find all the information you need to make an informed decision on mail-order brides from the Internet. You can do a thorough search for bridal sites, and contact webmasters of those sites to ask about possible pricing and availability. Costa Rica brides-to-be should not let the Chinese bride price scare them away from this opportunity, however.









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However, there are some who believe that marrying a Western man will bring financial prosperity to their family. Another reason is to avoid marrying a Western woman who might lead the family into disrepute. One reason why the Chinese bridal market is flooded is that many men are looking for a Chinese wife to marry with, so there are many foreign women available at this time of globalization.

The Average Chinese Bride Price Is Between 5,000 and 9,000 Yuan

chinese bride priceThe dowry is a fraction of the bride’s wealth. The dowry is used to buy presents for the family and friends of the bride, usually gifts of clothing, silverware, and jewelry. It can also be used to buy a wedding tent, banquet hall, or some other important property.

china bride priceIf the groom’s family cannot afford to pay for all the expenses, it gives the bride’s family the chance to get a part of what the groom’s family has to spare. This means that, even though the bride’s dowry is lower than the family’s one thousand Yuan limit, there is still an amount leftover to be divided. Sometimes this leftover money becomes very important to the bride’s family.

For example, some women give their daughters and sons a dowry that is equal to half of their one thousand Yuan dowry, which they can use to start a small business or fund for their child’s education. However, the dowry’s real value lies in the fact that it represents a safety net for future financial needs of the bride or her family.

Traditionally, a Man Will Not Present His Bride With an Amount That Is Greater Than Half of Her Dowry

bride price chinaChinese bride price negotiations have been happening for centuries, because men always view it as something that is owed to them by the woman. It is also believed that marriage is a contract, and that the bride is only obliged to agree to the marriage if she is really sure that she has agreed to the marriage contract.

As a result, in some cultures and locations, it is customary to see the bride price at up to ten thousand Yuan, the actual value sometimes being calculated with numerous different opinions. On the whole, there is no hard and fast rule regarding the price of a wedding.

The groom also pays his share in the Chinese bride price. This usually happens in very conservative regions where tradition says that the bride has to pay for her own wedding. It is also a practice in certain Islamic countries, when the bride and groom’s families offer their daughter a dowry for marriage, and they both pay the price together.

In some other areas in Asia and Europe, the bride’s family foots the entire bill, and the bride pays nothing other than a few hundred dollars in exchange for a guarantee of marriage.

Historically, Many Families Will Give the Bride Dowry as a Chinese Bride Price, and Then Marry the Bride Themselves

chinese mail order bride costThey then present the bride with a large amount of money as a dowry and marry the new bride. In this case, the bride’s family isn’t expected to pay for her wedding. A groom can only present his bride with money if he guarantees her marriage to him, and this rarely happens.

Chinese law states that both bride and groom are legally binding to wed each other, and they do so through a solemn ceremony in a temple or family place of worship.

Traditionally, the Chinese bride price hasn’t changed much over the years. Traditionally, the bride’s family pays for her dowry, and the family of the groom pays for the wedding itself.

On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom pay for the bride’s family a nominal fee of about twenty to fifty dollars to compensate them for providing such a beautiful piece of jewelry to one of the luckiest people on earth.

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