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Although Russian women aren’t known to be less promiscuous than other countries, they do still tend to like young men much more than older women. This may very well be due to cultural factors or even genetics but whatever the reason Russian brides tend to prefer young men. So the main reason that so many western men feel that there aren’t really Russian brides, is simply because this too is just a myth which has been promoted for several years now. And it’s easy to understand why most men would have this false impression. Here’s how you can spot the truth about Russian brides…








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Russian ladies are known to possess certain unique personality traits. They value their beauty and do not consider themselves lucky simply because they don’t have money to show up in a fancy dress. Therefore, what you will find amongst the russian brides who have gained attention in western countries, are generally those who are extremely attractive, with fantastic figures, big hair styles, tall figures and strong personalities. They are also generally quite smart and cultured, as well as very nice and respectful of their personal space.

Personality traits that seem to be common amongst all Russian brides

russian bridesOne of these is that these ladies always seem to possess a gracious and charming attitude. This is especially so if you spend some time getting to know them and start hanging out with them. Generally speaking, you’ll find that these russian girls are incredibly respectful and humble. They also make great mothers and wives as well.

These traits that we’ve been discussing are especially apparent on russian dating sites. You’ll find that these websites attract a great number of western men looking for women from russian culture. In order to attract more men to their websites, these russian women are always seen as being extremely sociable and easy to get along with. They are very kind, generous and friendly by nature.

It’s pretty easy to spot good russian mail order brides

russian brideUsually, the women on these dating websites will have their profiles completely filled out. This means that these women have posted everything about themselves including their likes, dislikes, interests and passions, as well as the way they want to be contacted. They are also eager to talk about themselves, so it will be easy for you to judge whether or not these women are really the Russian type.

The next thing that you will notice when you log into one of the russian mail order brides websites is that most of the men will be from very close to your own country. It will be like they are living right next door to you. This can be a great thing or a bad thing depending on how you want to view things. Some guys are attracted to these women because they want a foreign wife to love them back, while other men want Russian ladies for nothing more than a chat with some interesting Western men. It’s up to you on which way you want to go with this.

Getting connected with Russian brides

russian mail order brideThe next thing that you should know about these russian brides is that usually, they will not be marrying for real. These marriages between these women and men are called matrimonial alliances in Russia. When a man and a woman get married for reasons of convenience, this is known as a matrimonial alliance. The only reason that these brides actually do wed for real is when they want to escape from their husbands and live happily ever after.

There are many advantages to getting married through a Russian mail order bride sites. One is that you have an extremely high chance of meeting someone who is exactly what you are looking for. You can save money by not having to fly all over the world for your dream wedding. You also have a much higher chance of finding someone from your same country if you are from the United States or Canada. All of these are huge benefits to getting married through Russian mail order brides.

The Russian Mail Order Brides

russian mail order bridesBuying a Russian Wife is a topic that comes up a lot on various internet message boards and discussion forums. There are also many stories of Russian brides being used for affairs and even marriages. There is a lot of negative and positive feedback on the subject of finding a Russian Bride. Why is it so popular? What’s Behind It?

Russian brides who decide to get a foreign husband are initially encouraged to research this topic s information provided by all types of foreign dating websites. Stories abound of men who have married a russian woman and raised their children in russian culture. There are also those brides who return to Russia after getting married to a western man and decide they would like to live in russia again. All these reasons can motivate someone to seek out a russian bride.

The main reason for a bride to choose russian mail order brides is financial reasons

russian wifeMarriage brokers who work with the bride and groom charge a fee of about 20% of the entire price of the marriage. The money is returned to the bride in the form of a monthly income for the duration the marriage takes. This service attracts a lot of people who are interested in a life of luxury.

Another reason russian mail order brides cost so much is that many people assume they come from poor backgrounds. In fact many russian brides come from very wealthy families. However, even though they are very rich, most of them have financial obligations such as paying off debts, buying a home, and feeding and clothing their family. Therefore, the russian mail order brides’ parents often provide financial backing, as well.

A relatively new way of finding a Russian bride for marriage is through online dating websites

mailorder russian brideThese online dating websites are usually free to join and they provide users with a chance to view and personalize an image before contacting the other person. Unlike the russian bride registry, online dating websites require no money to register. Many people are concerned that with credit-based registries, there is no way of assessing the true identity of the person behind the profile. However, there is good news: with the help of a reliable and reputable online dating website, it is easy to check if the person you are communicating with is the person he or she says he/she is. As with russian mail order brides, there are some cases where people have been defrauded by online dating websites.

There are some differences between russian mail order wives and regular online dating sites. A russian bride can be very serious about getting married while a regular online dating site user may only be interested in having a conversation. However, both approaches still require a lot of careful selection and evaluation before the actual date. The Russian bride registry approach may be more effective for those who are interested in finding a serious dating partner.

The Russian brides services usually require more information from its clients

russian mail order wivesSome common questions that they usually ask include their educational background, employment status, physical appearance, family history, financial situation, etc. The information that is usually required comprise of all the above mentioned items plus the likes of marital status, education, work history, physical appearance, family background, financial situation, etc. This information is usually taken from public records. A foreign man who wants to marry a russian mail order bride should be able to provide enough information for them to make a proper decision.

It should be noted that a russian bride does not necessarily mean a permanent marriage. In fact, most men who have married a russian mail order bride actually end up getting divorced due to unsatisfactory marriage conditions. Many women in this region have also been known to end up marrying western men who had a financial problem and could not support their families properly. Since these marriages usually last for a very short time, both parties usually end up being unhappy with the marriage.

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